Within this blog there are pages that make up my portfolio. I have included categories about my latest English course, my architecture major, and my favorite hobby, sewing. You can view all of these categories by clicking the links to the pages on the right sidebar of the home page for my blog. Thank you […]

Transformers: Heavy Metal

  The main idea behind this remix was to bring together some of my favorite things and see what would happen. I started by making a list of my favorite things in the categories of audio, video, and text. I then decided from that list that I would use heavy metal for the audio and […]

Lord Trolldemort

This remix video only uses two sources to create the final product. The first source is a recent video of the Trololo Guy who is big in pop culture. The second source is footage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.Being a big Harry Potter fan as well as a fan of Trololo […]